Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Kicked Out of the Closet

I've stated many times before that I've never been one for outing people. I think people should come out when they are ready. They shouldn't be forced out. But the forcing has already happened so I'm just here to report what went down. In the past two weeks two black gay actors have been forced out of the closet. Both are victims of scorned ex-lovers.

Terrell Carter's claim to fame has been the Madea movies. He has starred in stage productions of Tyler Perry's Madea's Class Reunion and Meet the Browns. He also appeared in the film adaptation of Diary of a Mad Black Woman. Now I'm sorry but the kids have always known that Tyler Perry was casting all of his productions with fine ass gay bruthas. There was a certain reoccuring theme in all his men - HOTNESS. I don't know if there was a casting couch involved with finding these men but if I asked my magic 8 ball it would say "all signs point to yes." I'm not surprised that Terrell is gay. I assumed so. I am surprised by turn of events surrounding his outing. A former lover with photos to back up his story is putting Terrell on blast all over the internet. He has posted pics of the two of them in bed together, kissing each other, and attending gay pride in Brazil.

Dorian Standberry of BET's College Hill was the other celebrity with some recent unfortunate luck. It seems someone hacked into his private email and Twitter account and gained access to celebrity phone numbers and nude photos of the star. These pics were also blasted all over the internet. Now I must admit - if someone is going to post nude pics of you without your knowledge or your permission, it can't hurt to be endowed as well as Dorian. I'm reminded of the old time spiritual - BETTER THAN BLESSED. You can see what I'm talking about by clicking here (please don't open at work).

I actually feel kinda sorry for these two men. Unfortunately the entertainment industry is one that is very harsh for black men period. Straight or gay, it's hard out there for bruthas. I was so pleased when Forbes made there list of the 100 most powerful people in entertainment. Three of the top five were black - Beyonce, Oprah and Tiger Woods. But while black men may be doing okay in sports but were still struggling in TV and film. Black GAY men generally have to hide to sexuality in order to be successful in Hollywood. I don't hate the players, I hate the game. These men were both rising stars but being pushed out of the closet will surely do some career damage.

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Roderick Watkins said...

I don't think so. I think Doug Spearman and Darryl Stephens are out gay black men with health careers in Hollywood. Although I'll will admit that their path may encounter some hazards straight men don't have to worry about... It is still possible for them to have a career.