Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Smooth Criminal - I'll Turn Myself In When My Breasts Heal

Here is another one for the WTF file. Mitchelle E. Anthony of Charlotte, NC has called the police department to say she will turn herself in for the robbery of a Family Dollar store after her breasts have healed. Anthony is transgender and apparently has recently had breast surgery. The theft in question is for $48 in Gain laundry detergent. She may be a thief but atleast she's a clean thief.

Black folks - we have got to do better. We have a brother in the White House. Forbes magazine just listed the most powerful people in entertainment and three of the top five were black. A black woman just took over as the new CEO of Xerox. I know we've come along way but still - stories like this way just make me want to hang my head in shame. Now I admit, I don't know her situation but really . . . Gain!. If you're gonna steal detergent, at least let it be Tide. Go to jail for the good stuff.

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