Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Friday, March 6, 2009

Progressive Lobby Day

Progressive Lobby Day is a day for progressive organizations to band together and descend on the capital in a collective effort for awareness and change. Present for the event were LGBT organizations (i.e. Gay Lesbian Staight Education Network and Equality Arizona), Women Rights Groups (i.e. Working Women's Organization and Women's Political Caucus) and other broad-based groups like the Arizona Advocacy Network and Planned Parenthood.
Each group that participated had a representative that briefly addressed the audience. There were several Arizona Senators and Representatives in attendance - some speaking and some just there to hear the concerns of the attendees.

I was pleased to see our only African-American representative from the House on-site. Representative Cloves Campbell (on the right in the photo) is speaking with one of the men from UGIMA (United Gay Informed Men of Arizona) who happens to live in his district.

The day was a great day for meeting like minded individuals from your district and for speaking with your Senator or Representative about things you feel strongly about and think they should address. Remember they are there to work for the people but they can't speak or vote on behalf of the people if we don't tell them what we think. We can't just assume they know the right thing to do.

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