Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My Full Frontal Weekend

Usually I like to inform people about important things happening that have an impact on the LGBT community. Especially if that thing that's happening involves the Black LGBT community. This is not one of those post. This one is purely for fun. This is just me talking about the fun I had over the weekend.

I've been dying to see The Watchman since the first time I saw the trailer almost a year ago. So I finally went to see it last Saturday and I have to say - LOVED IT. Everybody that has seen it just kept telling me, "It's not what you think." Well I have to admit - it was pretty much exactly what I thought it was going to be. But what I didn't know about thie movie was that it was packed with full frontal nudity. Dr Manhattan, the most powerful hero in the movie basically paraded around the entire movie BUTT ASS NAKED.

You know with all the female nudity that we get in the movies nowadays (and it's all nudity just for the sake of nudity - it adds nothing to the plot) it's nice to get some male nekkidness on film every now and then. So thank you to Warner Bros. for delivering something for the gay men and the ladies to enjoy.

We also got an eyeful of the Night Owl's ass in the movie. I have to admit that it was nice too. I do like my bootys to be round and plump, you know something you can sit a glass on. So again I was impressed. I don't know - maybe I was horny. Maybe it's just seeing the male nudity when we usually don't get that on film so I was taken aback and not thinking normally. But it's all good and it's all appreciated.

So then Sunday, I went to see this play being put on by the Nearly Naked Theater. I have to tell you the title may be a little misleading. This wasn't a nearly naked production, this was a totally naked production. The play was called Killer Joe. The subtitle called it The Black Comedy about White Trash. And again - lots of full frontal nudity. I had to add, the nudity in this movie was just all over the place. The men AND women in this show were marching around showing everyone their birthday suits. And I enjoyed watching them (especially the men) in all there glory. GOOD TIMES! GOOD TIMES!

I'm so not joking about this - I'm seriously thinking about becoming a season member of the Nearly Naked Theater. They talked about the upcoming shows they will be doing to close out their season and they actually sounded terrific. I want to see most of them. And it's not all about the nudity (although that does help). These actually sound like productions I would really enjoy.

So if you haven't done so yet - take some time and go see The Watchmen. If you are in Phoenix I encourage you to go and support the Nearly Naked Theater. And if you're not in Phoenix go and support you local small theaters. The thesbians need some love (and some employment). And remember - the color for the summer is FLESH.

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