Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Micheal Steele - Gay Is Not A Choice

I feel Michael Steele is a man divided. When he speaks he seems so intelligent and persuasive and confident. But his actions don't adhere to his words so there is no congruency. Seeing his interview on DL Hugley Breaks the News, it was great hearing him state very matter-of-factly that he (not Rush Limbaugh) is the head of the GOP. Though I still feel like I could never trust or believe anything that stems from the Republican party - this man had me rooting for his success. Then the following week I learn that he called Limbaugh to offer an apology for that statement.

Was he punked? Is he a punk? It's disturbing to me to know that this seemingly brilliant man bowed down like this. I was ashamed for him. I'm still ashamed for him.

Then today I read this interview that Steele provided for GQ magazine where he was asked about his thoughts regarding the LGBT community. From reading the article it sounds like his position parallels that of Barack Obama. No - he doesn't support same sex marriage but he does have gay friends and thinks they are entitled to some legislation that will protect us. Unlike Obama, he doesn't feel the executive office should have a hand in changing things.

He also goes on to say that he does not believe that homosexuality is a choice. I'm glad to hear this coming from the person that is the leader of the Republican party (atleast on paper anyway). Whenever he speaks he seems to almost win me over - but then he keeps talking. The GQ article was again making me a fan of Steele because it sounded initially like he was an ally to the LGBT community. Then he threw us under the bus regarding gay marriage with, "I believe that the states should have the opportunity to address that issue."

Then he totally disgusts me when he starts talking about Ann Coulter and his friend Rush Limbaugh. Regarding Coulter he says, " she’s got an edge to her — and it’s great." And what does he say about Limbaugh - "Rush is a bomb-thrower extraordinaire. And we need him. We need him because what he does is, he stimulates debate." WTF! Just when I thought it was safe to go back in the water . . .

I'm still not sure what the Republican party is trying to pull by appointing him to his new role as head of the GOP. It's hard for me not to root for the intelligent, influential, successful black man. But listening to him speak I'm starting to question his intelligence. Regarding his position over the GOP, it'll take time to see if he actually has any influence. And I shutter to think about his success - because his success would be the GOPs success. So all I can do is sit back and see where this train derails - because there is a wreck a coming - I can feel it.

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