Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Monday, March 30, 2009

Kelly Rowland Dropped from Columbia

Kelly Rowland
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Word is out that yesterday Kelly Rowland was dropped from her label Columbia. Supposedly the reason they took this action was they decided that Kelly was "no longer comercially viable." Interesting enough this news comes just shortly after Kelly dropped Matthew Knowles (Beyonce's dad) as her manager. Coincidence - I don't think so.

Everyone that knows me knows that Kelly was always my favorite child of destiny. I thought she was more beautiful than Beyonce and I've always thought she had a better personality. I think they're both remarkably talented singers and oftentimes it was hard for me to distinguish between Kelly and Beyonce singing. But Kelly just had a bit more of a spark for me. And she didn't have that "I'm better than them" attitude that I always seemed to get from Ms. Knowles.

I'm hoping this news comes to be a blessing in disguise for Kelly. Maybe under new management and with a new label she'll finally get the attention she deserves. I'm a fan til the end and I'm hoping there is more great music in her future.

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j_most56@hotmail.com said...

I'll never forget DC being interviewed seperately. Beyonce said that Kelly could sing circles around her and gave the example of Whitney Houston's riffing in "I'm your baby tonight" Beyonce tried to demonstrate but couldn't. The camera then turned to Kelly and told her what Beyonce said, and proceeded to do the riff. That told me then and there who had the real talent! :)