Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Sunday, March 15, 2009

It's Our Anniversary

Twelve years ago today my partner Chris and I performed our committment ceremony in front of friends and family. We had our ceremony because we wanted those important to us to know we were serious about our relationship. We exchanged rings and vows and asked God to bless our union. Yes - that is us in the photos. What a difference a decade makes. According to about.com - the twelth year anniversary is the linen or pearl anniversary (so this morning I gave Chris a pearl necklace - LOL).

We held our ceremony in Alabama where gay marriage or civil unions isn't even on the radar. But we were not really concerned about recognition from the state. We were more concerned about recognition from our peers. So here we are twelve years later and I have to ask myself if I feel differently now?

I'm still very happy with Chris and I have no regrets about marrying him. But let's be real - it would be very nice to have all the rights and priviledges allotted to heterosexual married couples. And keeping it real - we've stayed together much longer than most of the straight couples I know. So I'm still confused as to how permitting us the right to marry will ruin the santity of marriage.

Hopefully one day (and I'm hoping that under Barack Obama that day will be soon) our union will be recognized not only by our friends and family but also by the state and federal government. Hopefully one day soon all those gay and lesbian couples I know that have been in committed, long-term relationships will be able to legally exchange vows. Time will only tell when things are going to change.

But until we see that change we can believe in - I want to say to Chris that the first dozen years have been great and I wouldn't want to do it with anyone else. I love you!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Anniverary, guys! Whoever said "Beware the Ides of March" didn't count on the enduring love between you two. And that love is obvious to even the most casual observer. I hope this is just the first dozen of many more wonderful years together. I wish you all the love and happiness in the years to come! jvg