Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Thursday, March 12, 2009

I Wanna Be Like Mike

Like Mike - if I could be like Mike! I love Michael Crawford. I'm a huge fan of the Bilerico Project where he is an avid blogger and part of the editorial team. And it's thrilling to learn that he is also one of the organizers of DC for Marriage - a grass roots campaign determined to bring marriage equality to the LGBT community. So it's wonderful to see him gracing the cover of Metro Weekly getting some much needed and much deserved recognition. And I have to admit - he's kinda sexy in this pic. Looking good Mr. Crawford!

Michael's story is an interesting read. He is a man that is about something. It's great to learn about the terrific things he's doing - his activism in DC and his writing. But at the same time it's disheartening to hear his history - learning of his parents reactions after his coming out at the age of sixteen. His mom eventually "came around" and he still does not have a relationship with his father. But I am a realist. This reaction unfortunately matches the reaction of many other partents that disown their gay or lesbian childen upon learning the truth about their sexual orientation.

Michael was one of the organizers of the millenium march and he host's his own blog, bloggernista.com. I get it - the man is busy. But I just wanted to post this to say thank you to Mr. Crawford for all the terrific work you're doing in DC. You're an inspiration to me and all LGBT bloggers, activists and individuals. Keep up the fabulous work. You're deserving of your moment as a covergirl.

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