Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Monday, August 31, 2009

The Victory Fund Supports . . .

I've heard of the Victory Fund. I knew it was an advocacy group that supported LGBT candidates seeking political office. I was just browsing through Advocate.com and learned of several candidates that the fund is supporting (not just metaphorically but financially) in their bid for their respective offices. I was very pleased to learn of the 8 new candidates they're adding to there list of endorsees. Taking a look at the photo above I'm now excited to learn a bit more about the Victory Fund. Too often I learn of LGBT groups that are founded by and support only white gay males. But as I see this list of candidates (4 African-Americans, 2 women, and 1 Asian-American), it gives me hope that LGBT organizations are beginning to embrace the many different diverse backgrounds that make up our rainbow. I want to say thank you to the Victory Fund for this great work and good luck to all of these candidates.

And just who are these candidates? Well, the Victory Fund is offering financial support and advice to Daniel Dromm and Rosie Méndez, running for New York City Council seats representing Queens and Manhattan, respectively. Ken Reeves, running for Cambridge, Mass., city council; Amaad Rivera, hoping to secure a seat on the Springfield, Mass., city council; and Fred Chang, running for the Port Orchard, Wash., city council, also have the Victory Fund's support.

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