Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Don't Fret E. Lynn Harris Fans

If you're a fan of the phenomenal E. Lynn Harris like I am, then his recent death left you in quite the quandary. I was devastated at the loss of such a tremendous talent and at the same time disappointed that I won't have any more of his books to look forward to. If you've read any of his books then you understand my dilemma. His books were captivating. The characters he created on the pages of his books (over and over and over again) drew me in and kept my attention until the very last page. At the conclusion of every book I was left in a void. I was always wondering when the next book would be out to draw me in again.

When I got the news about his death it hit me that I may never have an E. Lynn Harris moment again. I'm sure other fans of Harris understand the E. Lynn Harris moment. True fans of his always paid attention so we knew when another one of his books was being released. Then the countdown began; it's the countdown to the day the book would be released and I can make my trip to Barnes & Nobles and pick up my copy. The MOMENT I'm referring to is the moment you get into the book store and actually pick up your copy of the book. The moment is intense and exciting because you know that you're about to escape into another world filled with beautiful people, romance, drama and that special magic that only E. Lynn Harris could create. I'm not ashamed to say that on several occasions I've taken the day off from work to enjoy a new book by Harris.

The death of E. Lynn left me a bit wounded because I couldn't again have an E. Lynn Harris moment. Or so I thought. Apparently there are two novels that were completed by Harris before he suddenly left us. One is schedule for release in September. That's next month. That means that another E. Lynn Harris moment is just over the horizon for me. Hooray! Mama Dearest will hit the shelves of your favorite bookstore very soon and it will be a follow up to Not A Day Goes By. This news brings a smile to my face (and I'm sure to many other faces too). The other novel, The Bentley Chronicles, is scheduled to be released in 2010.

Also, apparently there are still people working to make several of his books make it to the big screen. This is also fabulous news. I've always thought his stories would play out very well on film. I won't get too excited about this latter news until I hear casting is happening or production has started. But I'm hopeful that this vision makes it to reality. Until then I have all the books I currently have on my shelf and the two novels that are making there ways to the bookstores to keep me happy.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up about new books, good news in a sad time.