Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Friday, August 21, 2009

Man or Woman? Runner's Gender in Doubt

Caster Semenya just blew away her competition in an 800M track competition in Berlin yesterday. She set a world record for speed and her nearest competitor was a whopping 2.45 seconds behind. Now, following this success and fame, comes the haters. Semenya's win is being contested by some of the others in the race. They are accusing her of being a boy. And now there are many demanding that this 18-year-old undergo a series of test to prove that she is a girl. They're not just trying to determine if she have a vagina. It sounds like they've all come to consensus on that question. They would like to run tests - might I add, a series of tests, to determine if she is 100% boy. There are suspicions (or I should say accusations) that she may have been born with genetalia of both sexes but now may be biologically female.

I can't believe the audacity of some people. Now that these people have lost they have to come up with every reason in the world why their failure is someone else's fault. So now, although Semenya may be all women biologically and was probably born all woman despite her accusers concerns, she has to endure this taunting and judgement while she is on the world stage. Lord, give her strength. She is going to need it. Her mother and her grandmother have verified her gender identity and if anyone should know I would think these women would. If I were her I would NOT consent to the testing. I know this will probably make even more people raise and eyebrow but fuck'em. She has proven herself to those that matter and in my humble opinion - the rest can just . . . well I won't go there. I'll just congratulations Semenya on your win.

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