Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Monday, August 17, 2009

Tap Into Your Inner Power: Oprah's Power List

I personally love me some Oprah. If she says it, I believe. For the first time she has generated a list of 20 Powerful People. She has created a list of 20 Females that for her radiate a power that she can feel. Oprah stated that it's always baffled her how people can generate a list of People of Power and then several months later, when a new list comes out, people have totally dropped off the list. It left her wondering if these people ever had power in the first place, or did they have power because they were in a certain position or held a political office, but once out of that role the power was then gone. For Oprah (and I'll have to concur because I feel the same way) real power has to come from within. Real power comes from a spiritual place and in people that have it, it shows.

Please go here to check out Oprah's first ever Power List. Read the bios of the people on this list . Then reflect on your own situation. Sometimes we feel like we can't do anything to influence the world around us, or we feel helpless in that we can't change our situation. If these stories don't encourage you then nothing will.

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