Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Monday, August 17, 2009

Are All Gay People Crazy?

According to a recent study by the UCLA School of Public Health, gays and lesbians receive mental health treatment at twice the rates of heterosexuals. Also according to this study, the group least like to seek mental treatment is staight men. Well, duh. Okay - straight people live in a world where we are looked upon as second class citizens. We don't have the right to marry. Many live in fear that if we come out we will lose our jobs, be rejected by our friends and family, and be told that were not deserving of God's love. I could have saved the school a lot of money and told them this for free. But kudos to the school for tackling the subject in the first place.

But now that this has been proven by UCLA, do we think society will do anything to improve circumstances for the LGBT community. I'm very doubtful. There is no sign of an end to DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act). We still can't openly serve in the military. And in many states, we can still lose our jobs for being gay. What does this mean? This means that psychologists will continue to see a large number of LGBT individuals that seek their advice for a way to navigate successfully through a world that is seemingly unwelcoming and unchanging.

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