Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Thursday, March 6, 2008

You Inspire Me: Prisca Mogapi

A teenager in Botswana, Prisca Mogapi was outed to her family, her friends and her entire school by a local paper exposing a gay party. The article listed Mogopi and her partner by their names. Please visit the Queerty website to read the interview . . .


If you made it to the end of the interview, then you saw that Mogapi was asked if she considered herself a religious person. Her answer inspired me, "I consider myself a religious person, yes. I was born and raised in a Catholic church, was baptized and did my first communion. My sexual orientation does not stop me from communication with God."

Growing up in a culture that opresses and denigrates women and sexual minorities, Mogapi is indeed a diamond. You have to possess incredible inner strength to be true to who you are in these circumstances. Prisca should stand as an inspiritation to young ones everywhere.

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