Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

They Killed Omar

Oh my God. You killed Omar. You bastards. Are you as in love with The Wire as I am? Being that there are very few gay men of color on television these days, it came as a devastating blow when Oman (Michael K. Williams) was killed on the show.

The Wire is currently in its fifth and final season. In the show Michael Williams plays Omar, a stick-up kid that is openly gay. I personally think the show is one of the best written and best acted thing on TV today. In these times of reality TV, the show is a bright, shining star. I'm hoping they're just playing with us and this is all just a dream. Next week, Oman will wake up still in Puerto Rico.
Read the interview Williams did with AfterElton.com in the link below. He talks about the influence of his character on the gay community, on the African-American community, and on himself.

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