Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Homophobic Reggae Artist Axed

Bounty Killer is not the first anti-gay reggae artist. Many of his peers like Beanie Man and Buju Banton use homophobic lyrics. These are lyrics that glorify beating and killing homosexuals. But like his peers, Bounty Killer now has to deal with the consequences of the hatred he spews.

Bounty Killer currently has several concert locations planned for the UK. Now two of the three dates he had planned have been cancelled because of campaigning by the gay human rights group OutRage! Though he used to brag that no LGBT group would ever be able to influence him or his performances, he now has to deal with the reality of backlash.

Ain't payback a bitch. Unfortunately, I don't think cancelled concerts will do anything to help Bounty Killer see the error of his ways. He won't rethink his opinion on gays. He won't open his mind about the hatred he has. He will probably elevate his hatred towards the LGBT community because this impacts his wallet.

There is a reason Carribean islands like Jamaica are filled with gays and lesbians that fear for there lives. The hatred they experience is not just tolerated by the general community, it is encouraged. We can't continue to stand by and let influential people (like Bounty Killer) continue his tirade that dehumanizes our community.

Way to go OutRage! Keep the fight alive!

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