Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Arizona's Gay Couples Lack Resources

According to a report from the Williams Institute at the University of California Los Angeles, gay couples in Arizona lack many of the resources that their straight counterparts enjoy. When comparing couples in homosexual relationships and heterosexual relationships; homosexuals make less money, fewer gay/ lesbian couples own homes, and they generally have less access to resources to help raise kids.

The following comes from Arizona Republic writer, Kerry Fehr-Snyder:

More than 16,930 same-sex couples lived in Arizona, according to the mid-decade U.S. Census. advertisement

"Gay men earn less than straight men," said Adam Romero, a public-policy fellow who co-authored the study. "Even when you hold constant occupation, race, geography, they earn less and that's something economists would call discrimination."

Women in same-sex relationships earn more than married women - $31,336 on average compared with $25,231. Romero attributed this to married women stepping out of the workforce more often to raise children.

"When you only look for households where children are present, same-sex couples do much, much worse."
After reading the AZ Republic article, I could only answer with "ain't that a kick in the head." But still we are denied marriage equality that could help many of these issues. It's interesting that the defense of marriage bill just showed up in the legislature again not that long ago. It's so important for us to get involved in politics. All your Senator and your Representative and make sure they know where you stand.

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