Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Monday, August 28, 2017

June 26 - Kevin Aviance: Din Da Da

In 2016, Kevin Aviance made the 93 slot on the list of most successful dance artists of all time. A drag personality known the whole world over, he has worked with the likes of Janet Jackson and Whitney Houston and even appeared in Madonna's "Secrets" video. 

Kevin has been able to carve a bit of a niche for himself in music and on film.  Some of his hits include "Rhythm Is My Bitch," "Cunty," and "Strut."  And some movie titles to his credit include, Punks, Naked Fame and also Freaks, Glam Gods and Rockstars.

He began his career as a drag performer but moved far beyond the queen just prancing on the floor and lip syncing to the songs of others.  He was determined to make his own music, develop his own sound, and build a brand for himself as a gender bending, non conforming performing artist.

Despite his success, his fame would not hide him from ignorance and violence.  In 2006 while leaving a bar in New York City, he would become the victim of a hate crime.  Outside of the East Village bar called Phoenix, he was robbed and beaten.  The attack would require him to have his jaw wired shut for over a month.  He also suffered from a fractured knee and neck injuries.  

Please get into one of my favorite songs by him below . . . 

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