Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Monday, August 28, 2017

June 28 - Bobby Debarge: Falsetta For the Gods

As a member of one of the most recognizable R&B families ever, Bobby Debarge's last name is one that immediately makes people pause for a moment and flashback to times of "real music."As one of the lead vocalist in Motown's sensational group, Switch, Bobby's was the voice that made the Debarge name famous.

While the group was basking in the success of some of their hits such as "There'll Never Be" and "I Call Your Name," Bobby was simultaneously dealing with his demons.  He was heavily addicted to drugs, bearing the shame of of growing up the victim of sexual abuse, and trying desperately to live openly as bisexual whle publicly being one half of one of the most famous R&B relationships there was.  He was dating LaToya Jackson.  The Debarge's and the Jackson's were the two biggest names there were in R&B. These two were Motown royalty and the entire country loved the fact that these two beautiful people were a couple.

Unfortunately Bobby would never win his fight with drugs.  He would struggle with this addiction his entire life.  In 1988 he was sentenced to five years in prison for drug trafficking.  He revealed to his family before going to prison that he had acquire HIV.  In 1995, Bobby became gravely ill and his family sent him to hospice.  He died on August 16, 1995 from HIV related complications.

His little brother El, probably the most famous of the Debarge clan, has stated that he wishes his voice was as smooth as his brother Bobby's.  Switch's song "There'll Never Be" is still played often in my home and in my car.  Please check out Switch's performance of this hit on Soul Train . . . 

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