Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Monday, August 28, 2017

June 25 - Raven Symone: Undetered and Undefined

For most of us, the first time we laid eyes on Raven Symone was when she played  the adorable little girl on The Cosby Show.  Denise (Lisa Bonet) has returned to the show after dropping out of college.  She was now married and she had a step daughter.  Olivia Kindall was an excellent addition to the cast and she immediately captured everyone's hearts. America well in love with young Raven Symone.

The Cosby Show would air it's final episode in 1992.  Although she would go continue to act in many small parts, it would be another decade before we saw Raven spearheading a show.  In 2003 she began playing the role that would make her a fan favorite of an entire generation of Disney kids.  "That's So Raven" would make her a household phenomena once again.  And with the title character wearing her real name, it brilliantly gifted her undeniable name recognition that she will carry with her for life.

Most were unaware that of Raven's same gender attraction until tweet that would cause everyone to pause and go "huh?"  Following the Supreme Court's decision to make marriage equality the law of the land, Symone posted the following tweet to her account, "I can finally get married. Yay government.  So proud of you"

Many folks, myself included were dumbfounded.  Who knew America's sweetheart was a lesbian? While she'll be the first to say that she does not like labels and probably would not self identity in this manner, she is now very open about her same gender attraction and lives her life publicly with her partner.

She is definitely more famous as an actress, but she is also a recording artist.  She has recorded with the young girl group, The Cheetah Girls, and she some solo projects under her belt.  Please check out her Backflip video here . . .

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