Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Friday, August 4, 2017

June 22 - Todrick Hall: YouTube Sensation

Perhaps the most creative and talented millenial we've seen, Todrick Hall's viral YouTube videos have earned him his star status and made him a household name.  Original songs, innovative parodies, stunning visuals, and gifted choreography are just some of his trademarks and the videos just keep coming. Because of the brilliance of his videos (and I'm sure thanks to his number of social media followers), Todrick was picked by MTV to star in his own series simply titled "Todrick."

Some of us were first introduced to Todrick when he tried out for American Idol.  And though he was successful in his audition and received a golden ticket to go to Hollywood, he was an early elimination from Season 9.  Following the Idol, he returned to the stage and did some work on Broadway.  Though he was finding work in New York, Todrick felt like Las Angeles was where he should be.  So he eventually packed up and relocated even though he had no idea what he would be doing upon arrival.

Although Todrick had a longing for Hollywood, it seems like Hollywood did not have a longing for him.  After months of pounding the pavement, he started to think that maybe he made a bad decision in the relocation.  During this time of uncertainty, he gathered a group of friends and organized a flash mob that would happen at Target and would be performed to Beyonce's "End of Time."  The Beyonce garnered millions of videos and was so popular even Beyonce took to YouTube to thank Todrick for the tribute.

With no offers of stardom heading his way, Todrick decided to throw all of his money into another YouTube video.  This one would be more than just a mall flash mob.  This one involved casting and costumes and a song parody.  His video "Beauty and the Beat" was another internet sensation and suddenly Todrick was becoming "one to watch."

Todrick soon realized that making viral videos could be his avenue to making it.  And guess what, he was right.  The videos got bigger and bigger, eventually there would be tours and before you know  it was "Todrick" the MTV show.  

My favorite project by Todrick thus far would be "Straight Outta Oz."  This film which he released directly to YouTube told the story of a young Todrick who loves music but is different from other kids in his family and in his town.  And upon learning that he likes boys falls out of his mother's graces and eventually leaves home to make his own way in the world. Please get into it below . . . 

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