Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

DeJuaii Pace: The Anointed One

In 2011, DeJuaii shocked the world of gospel music and her siblings by coming out of the closet.  The Anointed Pace Sisters are one of the most accomplished groups in gospel.  In 2011, DeJuaii joined the cast of OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network) reality show Addicted To Food.  On the show DeJuaii revealed some very personal  things about herself including the fact that 1) she was a compulsive overeater and she was addicted to food. 2) She was a virgin. And 3) She is sexually attracted to women.

At 45 years of age, DeJuaii had never had sex with another person and for the first time in her life, she revealed that she was a lesbian to a national audience.  The reaction from her sisters was quick and it was not pleasant. Her sisters were upset that the revelation came on the show and not with them personally and annoyed by the fact that she identified as lesbian because this "preference" according to how they were raised was sinful and against the will of God.

The sisters got together on Iyanla, Fix My Life also on the OWN Network to discuss being overweight and to talk about their sisters revelation that she is a lesbian.  The bias that has resulted from their church upbringing reared its head and manifested itself in homophobia and judgement toward DeJuaii.  DeJuaii shared with Iyanla "I'm angry because I feel that my attraction to women is wrong."  She went on to state that she felt that "who I am is unacceptable and it embarrasses my family."

My prayer for DeJuaii is that I hope she can get to the point where she is comfortable with the fact that she is a lesbian.  And I hope that she can find someone she is attracted to and is attracted to her and that she is able to explore her sexuality and lose her virginity in a way that is healthy and leaves her happy.  My prayer for her family is that get over the religious doctrine they were taught that allowed them to judge their sister and someone that's sinful.  Hopefully they are able to love and welcome their sister for who she is, a same-gender loving woman.

My favorite song by The Anointed Pace Sisters is U Know.  Please take a listen here. Also, please check out this intense moment on Iyanla as  the sisters discuss DeJuaii's attraction to women.

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