Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Anthony Dixon: Happy Birthday 2U

I met Anthony several years ago when he was performing at the Phoenix, AZ Gay Pride Festival.  I knew he looked familiar when he took the stage but I was unsure where I knew this beautiful and gifted young man from. He took to the stage and everyone was mesmerized by the amazing voice coming from before them.  An amazing balladeer, he also has the ability to get everyone up and moving and twisting and jumping.  He was simply terrific.

His CDs were available at the venue for purchase.  After hearing him perform there was no way I would be leaving without picking up a copy.  I got my CD and then I tracked him down because I wanted him to autograph it for me.  Needless to say, I met one of the most genuine, sincere individuals I've ever met.  Approachable and charismatic, we ended up talking for some time and I invited him to a local party that was happening the next day.  It was also during this conversation that I realized where I knew Anthony from.  I was unknowingly already a fan of this young man.

Anthony's first video, "But I'm Just Saying" was a huge hit within the black same gender loving community.  I knew the video and I loved the song, but I didn't recognize him right away. Since meeting him I've become an even bigger fan of the man and his music.

All Outta Words his first CD, showcases Anthony's songwriting talents and his vocal prowess.  "Have a Good Time" was in heavy rotation in my house.  It gets the feet tapping and the head bobbing. May I suggest that on your next Mother's Day you play "Where Honor Is Due" for your mom, I promise you there won't be a dry eye in the room.  But my favorite track from this CD was "Won't Be the Victim." This track stands an an anthem of self love and overcoming obstacles.

A year after meeting him I found out he released another CD. His sophomore project, Up On The Roof was/is as incredible as his first. Anthony Dixon is an exemplary artist to continue the legacy of black same-gender loving greats like Billy Strayhorne, Gladys Bentley, Billy Preston and Nona Hendryxx.  I highly encourage you to check out the items he currently has available on Amazon.  You can find them  here and here.

And please check out the video that made me a fan of Anthony below . . .

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