Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Friday, June 9, 2017

B.O.Y. Alex Newell

Alex Newell  became a household name playing Unique Adams on Glee. This part was a bit revolutionary as it was the first transgender character on prime time television.  How did Newell get the part?  Well that's an interesting story.  The Oxygen channel started The Glee Project where they were looking for a candidate that would win several appearances on the series Glee.  The contest garnered over 34,000 video submissions from contestant vying for the role.

Alex made it to the top four in the competition but unfortunately he would not win.  However, the producers were so impressed with Alex that they penned him into to episodes of the show anyway. The character that was supposed to only be a two part appearance was so popular that Newell returned the following season as a regular.

As much as I love Newell for the character he played on Glee, I love him even more for the music he has created outside of the show.  As I listen to many of his tracks, I feel as if I have been transported back to the 70s disco era.  It is pure dance music. His powerful vocals laid over the syncopated beats makes for something groovalicious to the ears.  His first EP, Power, was released in  February of 2016.  And from that EP we got the release of his fun and fabulous video B.O.Y. (Basically Over You).   He partnered with DJ Cassidy to record a single for the HBO show Vinyl.  That single "Kill The Lights" maybe my favorite song by Alex thus far.

With the impressive music he has created thus far, I can't wait to see what Alex is going to do next. Please get into Kill The Lights below:

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