Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Friday, June 9, 2017

Joan Armatrading: The Eternal

She has a music career that spans over four decades.  She has released 22 albums, five of which reached Gold status and three reached Silver status.  Though she has never gone home with the trophy, she has been a three time Gramy nominee.  She is Joan Armatrading.

Quite the accomplished musician, Aramatrading seems to have no desire to abandon the world of music.  She did announce that her 2013 world tour entitled Me Myself I World tour would be her final time on tour, but that doesn't necessarily means she is retiring from the industry (atleast that's how I interpreted her comment).  

Her music repertoire of music is quite impressive as you can see in the below chart that lists her album releases . . .  

Oddly enough, as much of a music junkee I am, I must admit I only recently started to learn about Joan although she has been recording since the year I was born [1972].  I came to realize I was familiar with quite a few of her songs even though I wasn't actually familiar with her.  Perhaps the reason I wasn't too aware of her or her story is because she likes to keep her life very private.  She once stated:

  "People who like my music have a legitimate interest in me, but I need to retain some privacy, not to be telling people what's going on, or what I feel. When you go home, the reason it's beautiful is because it's personal to you and the people you want to include in it."

Although she would like to live a private life, in this world we're living in, you can't stay private forever.  In 2011 it was revealed that Armatrading and her girlfriend had entered into a "civil partnership."

Personally my favorite song by Joan is "The Weakness in Me."  It's a beautiful ballad that tells the story of a love that should not be.  This song is definitely in top 10 of all-time favorites.  Please get into it here: 

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