Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Monday, September 28, 2009

This is deep. Tyra has a conversation with the sixteen year old that went through the exorcism to cast the homosexual demon out of his body. The teen now claims he is no longer gay following the "casting out of the unclean spirit." He does confess that he is still sexually attracted to men and the temptation seems to be something beyond his control. Also on the show are the prophet that performed the excorcism and her husband the overseer. According to them if you're homosexual, whether you act on your desires or not, you're still hell bound.

The prophet and overseer are so eager to throw out the "man shall not lie with man as he does with woman" verse from the Bible. But the prophet doesn't look like she'll turn down a meal from the church fish fry. But I don't hear her quoting that shell fish and catfish are also an abomination. And I'm sure the overseer hasn't eliminated pork from his diet, which also according to the Bible is sin. Is he on the train headed to Satan's den? And I hate to break this to the sixteen year old with the goatee, but shaving your facial hair, also a sin.

I'm so sick of these people from the church placing their judgement on my life. Luckily I'm now in a place where I don't care about what they think. But the reality is the harm they are causing in undeniable. Kids hear the judgement. They hear the ridicule. And they come to the conclusion that their life has no value. Unprotected sex? Okay. Dropping out of school? Okay. Drug use? All of these bad decisions don't matter because there is no concern for self preservation. Some decide that their life is not worth living so they decide to end it.

As a gay man (particularly as a gay man that grew up in the church) this show was very difficult to watch. It brought back too many uncomfortable memories. My prayer for this teenager that suffered through this excorcism is that he is delivered from this prophet and this church and that he can find comfort in accepting himself.

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