Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Kanye West - I'm So Not Gay That I Can . . .

I was just listening to this interview with Kanye West and I was a bit concerned about where this conversation was going. He starts talking about bloggers and then the dialogue shifts to homosexuality. Kanye boasts that, "I don't like men. I'm not gay, and I'm so sure of that. I'm so sure that I'm not gay that I'll wear a pink watch. That I'll wear tight jeans. That I'll stand next to people who look gay. That I'll stand next to people who are gay. That I will go to dinner with a gay person. Just me - and that gay person." Well good for you Kanye for being straight. Big whoop. But as the continued I remember why I always end up siding with this man (ego and all).

The next few words out of his mouth were, "First of all what we need to get past as Black people especially is the concept that gay people are bad because if people accept them then the concept of being gay or being cool with someone gay wouldn't even matter." He goes on to compliment the gay people in his life for their genius. Get into the interview below.

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