Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Monday, September 21, 2009

The Color Purple Reunites Two Greats

The Color Purple is now playing in Atlanta and Fantasia Barrino has rejoined the cast reclaiming her role as Celie. But guess who was already in the touring show as Nettie. Child - it's Latoya London. Now just in case you don't know Fantasia and Latoya were friends and rivals in season three of American Idol - along with Jennifer Hudson. Although Fantasia would go on to win the show (and become my all-time favorite idol even to this day) she would remain friends with the other two divas. Season two had the most drama for me for the idols. There was this constant effort to intentionally cause tension between the three divas of that season (Fantasia, Latoya and Jennifer). But they luckily did not fall for it.

So now Fantasia and Latoya are together again working it out as sisters Nettie and Celie in this tour that I'm sure it is going to be phenomenal. In an interview Latoya recently did with Southern Voice magazine of Atlanta she talks about the same gender loving relationship between Celie and Shug Avery and she talks about her gay fans. “The show is very realistic,” she says. “It deals with real life issues — abuse, same sex love.” I only wish the tour was making its way to Phoenix. Get into the interview here.

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