Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Thursday, October 1, 2009

LGBT History Monty


Today is October 1 which means that this is the beginning of LGBT History month. I don't know about you, but this is already gearing up to be one of the most exciting months of the year for me. There are a plethora of events happening throughout the course of the month here in Phoenix. From our first weekend which is our annual AIDS Walk and Rainbow Fest to the very last day which is Halloween, a favorite holiday for many in our community.

As we reflect on LGBT history, I thinks it's important to note that it is not just comprised of events and persons long gone. There are people living and breathing and walking the planet right now that are making history as we speak. Pictured above in the far left on the photo are gay Hip Hop artist Tim'm West and Tori Fixx. They're both groundbreaking artists as they both tackle an industry (Hip Hop) which is famous for it's rampant homophobia. Tim'm and Tori have decided to pursue their passion for Hip Hop without hiding in the closet. They (and all other out Hip Hop artists) should be applauded and supported for their endeavors.

Regina Gazelle (pictured next to last in the pic above) is the founder of This Is H.O.W., the nations only all transgender halfway house. Regina saw a need that desperately had to be filled. Too many members of the trans community had turned to lifestyles that just were not healthy and they needed a way and a place to help them transition to something better that was safe and that understood their struggles. Since opening her doors about two years ago she has been able to save several individuals from a life a prosititution, drug abuse and crime. With many success stories graduating from H.O.W. some of these individuals say they owe their life to Regina.

I hope you plan on doing something this month to celebrate the individuals from our community that aspire to greatness. Find someone you know and thank them for the great work they're doing. Take some time to volunteer for a great cause or make a donation to a worthy charity that is the result of someone's exceptional efforts in the LGBT community. Read about some of the people in our past that have helped contribute to the accomplishments we have made. Watch Milk. Read Sister Outsider. Reflect on some of the poetry of Pat Parker. It's discouraging to know how many people do not know about the lives of Bayard Rustin or Oscar Wilde.

Please check out glbthistorymonth.com. Each year they do a wonderful job high-lighting key figures from the LGBT community (past and present) that are noteworthy. The site is fabulous and the individuals that are featured are a true reflection of our rainbow community. Black. White. Asian. Young. Old. Gay. Lesbian. Bi. Transgender. This is definitely not a view from one vantage point. Now go and start celebrating LGBT history.

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