Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Rainbow Festival

So today Chris and I attended the annual Rainbow Fest and I must admit that I enjoyed myself. I ran into some friends that I haven't seen in ages (some of them it seems like I only see them at the Rainbow Fest or Pride). It was the same old booths and the same entertainers - but I have to say I loved every minute of it.

The countless over-priced booths all looked as though a rainbow had just exploded over Heritage Park and sprayed spectrum colored paint everywhere. You could buy rainbow bracelets, necklaces, rings, socks, bikini briefs - if you could adorn it, you could buy it. And I loved it. Of course I had to purchase another pair of unneeded but fashionable pair of sunglasses (they were too cute to pass up - damn the economic crisis, they made me look fierce).

There were many faith based organizations (I remember when we used to call them churches) represented at various booths. It's great to see this new trend - people starting to realize that you can be gay and spiritual. Unfortunately these groups are in the minority. I did have the pleasure of running into one of my favorite members of the clergy, Rev. Charlotte Strayhorne of Casa de Christo Evangelical Church. Her feature in each issue of Echo magazine if my favorite reason for reading the mag.

The entertainment stage was great. My friend RJ Shannon kicked off the entertainment on the main stage. She is a great pianist and vocalist and I love hearing her sing. The DJ was terrific - I was able to shake a tail feather. And the drag kings and queens were all just fabulous. But what was most fun was just seeing the parade of people walking around laughing and talking and just having fun. The community was out and the community was happy. It was seeing the fellowship and the socializing that just did my heart good. I met a few new people and connected with some old ones.

To the organizers of the Rainbow Fest- great job and keep up the terrific work. The community not only appreciates it, the community needs it.

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