Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

No on Prop 102 Rally

If you're available, please come and join the Vote No on Prop 102 Rally tonight. The rally will be held on the SW corner of Central and Camelback. Kickoff time has been announced as 5:30 but we just found out that Mayor Phil Gordon and Councilman Tom Simplot have a 6:00 appointment - so will probably speak exactly at 5:30 if not shortly beforehand. So you may want to arrive just a little early if you'd like to hear them.

Prop 102 is a deplorable piece of legislation that wants to rewrite the Arizona constitution to define marriage as between a man and a woman. There are several issues with this. One - in the state of Arizona, marriage is already only between a man and a woman. Two - the issue was voted on two years ago and rejected but for some reason the legislators didn't want to listen to the voice of the people. Three - there are so many real issues that we should be focusing on. It is a disgusting that we're wasting time and money revisiting this nonissue.

Being real - I would like to one day see the day where my partner and I have the same rights as any married couple. But this piece of legislature will grant me no additional rights or priviledges. Even if this piece fails then we still won't have the right to marry. So I make plea to all lawmakers - stay out of marriage. We've voted on this before and we gave you our answer. Why won't you listen?

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