Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Fresh Princess?

The things I learn from the kids at Queerty. According to ianundercover.com - Will Smith has been hiring male prostitutes from a discreet madame for years. The madame (who according to the site relocated from L.A. to Manhattan this year) says that Smith has been a client of hers for quite some time. This discreet madame, who is never revealed in the article, says that when she first met Will he was very concerned about discretion. When he was finally convinced that everything would be done in the strictest of confidence, he became a client. His request - a man.

Okay, so I have several issues with this. My first concern is that this so called discreet madame that doesn't reveal herself has now disclosed Will Smith as a client. I just find that so hard to believe. If Will Smith were a discreet client of mine - you'd bet your britches I'd be taking that tidbit to the grave.

My second problem with this article is that Will Smith is apparently sleeping with a man and that man ain't me. He promised me that I was the only one he loved.

But seriously - I'll be the first person in the world to say that I think Will plays for our team. But I don't believe there is a bit of truth in this. You mean to tell me that there is a madame that has Will Smith as a client and she chooses to tell the media about it (I don't think so). Unless there were threats of jailtime who in their right mind would get rid of that cashcow.

My final problem with this article is the continuing need for some to force people out of the closet. Let's be real - coming out of the closet is not a simple thing. Sometimes people have to weigh the stakes. And for Will and Jada there is a lot to lose. I'll be the first to admit that we're in dire need of a high profile African-American celebrity to come out as gay or lesbian. There are some great potentials on the horizon (in addition to Will and Jada). Queen Latifah and Diddy are just some names that come to mind.

The backlash that accompanies coming out can be horrific. Will and Jada both have stellar careers. Could Will still demand tweny million a movie if he admitted he were homosexual? Would people still fill up the theaters for his opening weekends if they knew he were gay? So if those are the consequences - what is his motivation for coming out?

Keeping it real - I don't hate the player. I hate the game. I live my life very openly. I'm out to my family and friends and I'm out on the job. And fortunately I haven't lost anything in the process. But I can't say that this is true for everyone I know. I do know people that lost there jobs after coming out. I do know people that have been exiled from family after coming out. I commend the celebrities that have come out and sustained successful careers (Elton, Ellen, Rosie). But can a black celebrity do the same? No one wants to be the first and I'm not going to demand that sacrifice of Will Smith. I wish it were a perfect world we lived in - but it isn't.

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