Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Sunday, August 16, 2015

The Reality of Gay Marriage - Gay Divorce

Yesterday an Arizona judge announced than an annulment will not be granted to Brittney Griner. And this announcement apparently pleases her former partner Glory Johnson who stated she was "thankful the annulment was rejected because an act of marriage did occur."  

Please don't think this article is at all aimed at Brittney or Glory.  I actually don't have a personal opinion about their relationship except to say that I feel sorry that it must play itself out in public.  I am a fan of both individuals and I wish them nothing but the best in resolving this current matter and in all of their future endeavors. 

This post is really just to bring awareness to the reality of gay and lesbian marriages - and that is gay and lesbian divorce.  I am still very excited about the Supreme Court's decision to end the Defense of Marriage Act and grant marriage equality to the LGBT community.  Since that decision was announced, thousands of same-gender loving couples have rushed to their county clerks offices, picked up their marriage licenses, and exchanged rings and vows.  

As the kids say now, YASSS!!!  I loved seeing the pics of married couples across the country finally being able to do what their hetero counterparts have taken for granted.  It fantastic that we're finally receiving the same rights and privileges that come with the institution of marriage.

However, before you rush out to marry your boyfriend or girlfriend, please take a moment to ask yourself if you are indeed ready for this very serious, very intimate, and supposedly very eternal ceremony.  Just because you can now get married does not mean you should go out and get married.  

Do some real soul searching as ask yourself if you are ready.  If you are ready, then ask yourself if your current partner is the person you want to spend the rest of your years with.  And please remember, eternal bliss is based on more than just sex.  Do you and your partner share similar values?  Are you aware of each others' personal situations (i.e. health, finances)?  Do you know more about each other than just where she shops and where he goes to the gym.

There are consequences to rushing into a marriage that you are not ready for and that consequence is divorce.  Divorces tend to get real ugly real fast.  This person that you thought you spend forever with is going to call you every name of the sun, accuse you of every unforgivable act there is, and attempt to punish you by taking as much away from you financially as possible. I'm not saying it's right or it's okay, I'm just saying that this is the normal routine when it comes to divorce.  

So please, before you get down on your knee and propose, make certain that you are indeed ready marriage.  I do not have a magic formula for determining   if you are ready, but take step back and make sure you're ready before you say "I do!"

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