Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Vigil for Kandis Capri Wednesday, August 19

And we have yet again another trans-person killed.  There have not been many details released regarding the death of Kandis Capri.  But it worthy to note that the Phoenix Police Department is trying to make the gay and lesbian community aware of this death by way of the Phoenix LGBTQ Advisory Board.

This Wednesday, August 19, there will be a vigil for  Kandis to be held at the Downtown Phoenix Civic Space, located at 424 North Central Avenue.  The vigil will go from 7:00 - 9:00PM.  

For those that express their support and love of the transgender community by praising Caitlyn Jenner and applauding Laverne Cox, I ask that you show your support locally by coming down to this vigil and demanding an end to trans-violence and transphobia. 

And don't get it twisted, transphobia is not something reserved just for the straight community.  We have quite a few lesbian, gay and bi folks who have disdain, intolerance, and hatred aimed at trans folks.  

I took a moment to read some of the comments on the FB post announcing this vigil and I came across this, "How does this happen in Phoenix?"  I guess it's nice to know some people still see Phoenix as a place where violence against the LGBT community doesn't happen.  This person must be new to the city or totally unaware of what's been happening here.  Please check out some of the links below as a reminder of just how "welcoming" our city is for LGBT folks. [Let it be noted: I do not think our city is exceptionally violent toward our community.  I just think that homophobia and violence towards the LGBT community exists here as it does everywhere else].

Some examples of violence against our community include:



Some examples of murder against our community:


Phoenix has been home to it's fair share of violence against same gender loving folks. Hope to see some of you there at the vigil for Kandis Capri on Wednesday.

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