Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Thursday, June 18, 2015

My Thoughts on Rachel Dolezal

I know I'm several days late on speaking on the Rachel Dolezal story, but  I usually like to process things for a while before I speak on them.  I will admit I feel a bit confused by the story.  Why in the world would a white women chose to identify as African-American?  She obviously did NOT do it for any type of advantage.  Being black in this country does nothing to get you ahead in anything. 

Bur for some reason, here is a lady that identifies as black (even still) and chooses to immerse herself in black culture, black life, black academia, black institutions.  She was moving along just perfectly in her little world until her parents threw her under the bus.  This is the part that just seems so strange to me.  Parents are supposed to love, nurture and support their children.  These parents saw an opportunity to out their child and grabbed that chance to shame and embarrass her before the world.  REALLY?!?

The thing I'm most confused about has nothing to do with Rachel.  It has everything to do with most people's reactions to this story.  I get being curious.  I get bewilderment.  I get lack of understanding.  What I don't get is the anger that's being thrown her way.  So what if she identifies as black!  She has a doctorate in African-American studies.  She attended Howard University.  She is [was] president of the NAACP.  For some reason she has an affinity with and a connection to black folks. I don't know why, but she does.  

And it's not like she hi-jacked her black identity and did nothing with it.  Her doctorate in African-American studies is a tremendous accomplishment.  I'm sorry, but it is.  And apparently, she was very successful in her role as President of the Spokane NAACP chapter.  She did not idly hold her seat.  She was an active member of the black community in Spokane and did a lot for the community.  Now I have not researched her contributions to the community, this just seems to be the sentiment coming from blacks in Spokane that know her. 

So while I do not get where she's coming from, I still cannot say that she has generated any type of hostile feelings in me. I'm sorry but I ain't mad at cha.  It's an interesting story but I do not feel it is deserving of all the attention it is receiving.  I probably isn't even deserving of my simple little write-up.  But I had to share my two cents.  And there you have it.

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Mychaeltodd said...

You and I are on the same page, I waited also to respond, and then it happen- I was verbally attacked by a sitting Judge in Columbus Ohio over a comment on Facebook, I also disagree with all the negative feedback, black people have been passing for white for generations and now she flips the script, it's much ado about nothing, hate in this world is the root to all evil- I'm touched to hear and read you also don't get it....I say let her live her life in the body she comfortable in, and if she wants to zig zag back and forth into her culture- so be it, accomplish what must be done to make change, I also think it's jealousy for some; because she looks great! Envy and jealousy is a trap people seem to get caught up in, in life we must keep it moving- Mychaeltodd Robinson-Hokerk