Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Sunday, June 7, 2015

The Prancing Elites Promote HIV Testing

I am really enjoying this first season of The Prancing Elites Project.  I'm not aware of how they are doing as far as ratings go, but I really hope people are tuning in and getting to know this fantastic group of young men that "just want to dance."

The dance troupe is made up of Kentrell (the captain), Adrian, Jerel, Kareem, and Timothy; and I must say I am loving them and I am loving the show. Maybe I'm biased because I am a native of Alabama and the Prancing Elites live in the bay city Mobile.  Maybe I'm biased because I used to do Jay-sette routines when I first came out and would go to the clubs or would go to house parties.  Or maybe it's just a great show with a fun and adorable cast  that are fun to watch week after week.

Several weeks ago Kareem got sick and was unable to perform with the elites; and he would not open up about what was happening.  He just simply stated, "I'm going through some personal stuff." As the show continued his health only got worse.  Then last week he finally revealed to the guys that he tested positive to HIV.  Upon his revelation, he was embraced with love and support.  After the tears, the elites shared that they loved him no matter what and that they would always be available to help him get through whatever he was going through. 

On tonight's episode of The Prancing Elites Project, the group decided to hold an event to bring awareness to HIV/AIDS.  They partnered with an AIDS Service Organization in Alabama and jointly sponsored the "Dancerama, No More Drama, Get TESTED, Tell Your Mama!" HIV Awareness event. I could tell from angles of the cameras that there were not many people in attendance of the event.  But as a person that has been hosting community events for years, I know that you're not always going to get the number of people you want.  And knowing the homophobia and AIDS probia that exists in Alabama, I can imagine that not many people wanted to attend knowing there was a great chance they would be broadcast on national television.

The truth is, if there event encouraged just one person to get tested and know their status then the event was a success.  I wish continued success to the Prancing Elites and I pray that Kareem gets tied into the services he needs to help him live long and healthy after his cero-conversion.  I'm looking forward to seeing what the elites bring me next week.  

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