Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Monday, October 4, 2010

First Mr Gay AZ U S of A: George "Geo" Johnson

It's official - we now have a Mr. Gay Arizona US of A. Last night at BS West five individuals competed for the honor. But the person walking away the victor was George Johnson, known to many of his friends simply as Geo. The competition was fierce and all of the contestants brought their "A" game. There were three categories: interview, club wear and talent. The only two categories available for the public to view were the later two.

The night was filled with entertainment from some of the greatest drag performers in town. There were many familiar faces in the crowd cheering on their favorite contestants. But at the end of the night there could only be one winner. As the judges began to announce the winners of each category a hush fell on the room. "The winner of the interview competition - contestant number two, George." Applause filled the place. Then came "and the winner of the club wear competition, contestant number two, George." Thought he would not take the talent segment, most of the room knew just after these first two announcements that he had already captured the title.

Congratulations to our first ever Mr. Gay Arizona US of A. I know that you will represent us well at the national competition.
In a surprise announcement last night from the current Mr. Gay US of A (Simba) who was in town to oversee the competition, because of the level of talent he witnessed, Arizona will be the first state to send three contestants to the national competition. So congratulations to all three contestants that will be representing Arizona.
Though he did not take the talent segment I still think his talent number may have been a favorite of many in the room. Take a look at the picture above and you be the judge. The number was well choreographed and it showcased the awesome figures of George and his backup dancers. It was sensual and exciting and it had a whole lot of people up on their feet screaming for more.

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