Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Monday, October 4, 2010

AIDS Walk 2010

Did you know that although Black folks make up only 12% of the US population, we are half of all new HIV infections. Something about that just ain't right. How is it possible that black folks (straight and gay) can be such a small part of the country but such a large part of HIV? Something needs to be done about that.

Sunday morning Phoenix came together to once again take steps (literally) to eradicate HIV. The AIDS walk was attended by thousands. Some that walked are living with the virus. Some that walked did so in support of lost loved ones. Everyone that walked have been affected by this disease.

I have lost family (my uncle) and countless friends to this disease. It breaks my heart everytime some tells me they have been infected. Because of my volunteer efforts in the field of HIV/AIDS people oftentimes disclose their status to me. Trust me, I know it is an honor for someone to have enough trust and respect in me to share this and I will never betray that trust. And though I know that HIV is not the life threatening disease it once was, it does still yield health complications, emotional and mental health concerns and an unwavering social stigma that won't go away. So my heart still goes out to the newly infected and I want them to know that 1) it gets easier and 2) you've still go a friend in me.

The Phoenix AIDS was (as it usually is) a powerful and spiritual experience. I always leave it empowered and encouraged. Though we have not found a cure yet, AIDS Walk has pledged to be here every year until there is one. Here's hoping we see the end of AIDS Walk very soon. Please check out my video of the event below . . .

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