Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Monday, May 3, 2010

Washington Weddings

There is an interesting article over at The Advocate about the array of marriages that happened a couple months ago in Washington,DC. Washington (aka Chocalate City) started to allow same-gender loving (sgl) couples the right to marry in March. The article tends to focus on the fact that much of the media coverage that seemed to trickle out of the district once marriages started seemed to pointed toward sgl couples of color.

This is not surprising to anyone familiar with the demographics of Washington. DC is about 55% African-American. So it should not be surprising that there would be black gay and lesbian couples that take advantage of this new right to marry.

I can however understand if this news does shock a few. Some people may be aware of the organized and adamant group of black clergymen from the DC area that protested same sex marriage. Those not in the know (or lacking common sense) could assume that the voices of these few reflected the attitude of the large African-American community. Unfortunately the ignorance of a small group is often times perceived as attitude of all. But that just ain't the case.

I love the progress that is being made in DC AND in the progressive states that have given same gender loving couples the rights they deserve. But I am disappointed that we have not seen a stronger push at the federal level for an end of DOMA. State by state passage is terrific. But the reality is that for many gay and lesbian individuals, we will never receive our rights until they are federally mandated. But until that day, I'll take even the small victories.

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