Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Monday, May 10, 2010

Maxine Waters Pleas to Finds Lesbian

It is items like this that make me love Maxine Waters. Congresswoman Waters just wrote a letter to the US Dept. of Justice asking them to investigate the adult missing persons case of Mitrice Richardson. Richardson is a 25 year old African-American that came up missing in September of 2009. She was being held in custody by Agoura Hills Las Angeles Sheiff's Dept. for not paying a restaurant bill but was released that same night because of overcrowding in the jail. She was spotted briefly sitting on someone's front porch but has not been seen since.

The letter from Maxine Waters to the US Dept. of Justice comes after a similar plea to the FBI was declined with a statement of their policy to not investigate adult missing person's cases. My prayers go out to the family and friends of Mitrice and my kudos go out to Maxine Waters for taking action.

It was upon learning more about this young lady that made me want to post this article. For one, Mitrice is a lesbian. If I can bring any awareness, help or support to same-gender loving persons of color then I am going to do it. It's what this blog is all about. Also, she was an honor student graduating from Cal State Fullerton and preparing to go into a doctorate program. She was smart and beautiful and now she is missing in action.

What's unfortunate is that Mitrice has a history of mental illness. She suffers from untreated bipolar disorder. Also, there are individuals from the restaurant where Mitrice was arrested that said that she was in no condition to drive. The L.A. police totally dropped the ball on this one as they released Mitrice in the middle of the night (approximately 12:30 AM) without phone, money, identification or her car which was impounded that night.

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Anonymous said...

This is just a sad story on so many fronts, and, your last paragraph is what makes it all the more distrubing as her mental illness is treatable.

Hopefully Maxine's getting involved will get the facts out and find her and help her family deal with the questions.