Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Monday, May 24, 2010

Happy Birthday One Voice Community

Over the weekend I went and checked out the 5 Year Anniversary celebration of the One Voice Community Center. I was at the grand opening those many moons ago when they initially opened their doors to create a safe space for members of the LGBT community. They have come a long way since then.

Five years ago the community center shared a space with the Alternatives, a gym/ health facility. Today, they are in their own building. Five years ago the community center depended on the help of volunteers to stay afloat. Today (although they still rely heavily on the work of volunteers) there is a functioning board and a staff of three that ensure the sustainability of the place. The evolution has been wonderful to watch and they are definitely moving in the right direction.

So I was glad to be able to attend the five year anniversary and I'm looking forward to what the next five years will bring. Below is my video that honors their journey . . .

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