Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Sunday, October 11, 2009

President Barack Obama's speech before the Human Right's Campaign. His words continue to make me laugh, make me sad, give me hope and just take me on a emotional roller coaster. There is no denying that when it comes to words he is a master craftsman. I can't help it, I continue to get enthusiasticc everytime I hear him (even though it does seem that his words will never be followed by actioin). But I like many others am getting tired of the rhetoric. I think John StewartI said it best, "You're the President of the United States. If you've got too much on your plate then get a bigger plate."

My friends keep telling me that I should give him time because they feel that he will deliver on his promises. I will continue to be patient. And I'll continue to be a supporter. But as I sit idly by and be patient, more gay soldiers are being kicked out of the military. And they don't have time to be patient. As I sit patiently more of my LGB and T brothers and sisters continue to get fired because there is no employement discrimination that can save their jobs. They don't have the time to be patient. As I sit idly by violence against the gay and trans community continues to rise [and luckily we just received hate crime legislation from the U.S. House of Representatives]. These victims of violence don't have time to wait.

The thing is until you are affected by one of these issues then it just seems okay for us to give Barack Obama time. But some people simply can't wait anymore.


Roderick Watkins said...

I hear you J! The president could stop the termination of LGBT soldiers immediately. I agree with you he should. But as for the rest its going to take legislation put in place by the Senate and Congress. For that to happen it will take a lot more than Obama. We, the gay community have to rise to task, by lobbying our congressmen and senators. Obama is not the Moses or Jesus of gay people. I personally feel this man has done more for LGBT people than any sitting president. I support him proudly.

Jason Howard Green said...

I agree. It is going to take more than just Obama to end the years of inequality and unfair legislation. But with him failing to do the one thing he has the ability to do it does make one raise and eyebrow. He should stop making promises that he simply can't deliver on. But I can't help it - I know I'll be a supported of his til the end of his Presidency.