Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Monday, May 26, 2008

Homophobia at Morehouse College

Morehouse College has been the center of much discussion over the past few weeks. The two things focused on include 1) a white valedictorian at the predominately black school and 2) gay men on campus standing up trying to end the homophobia at the school.

Regarding the first topic. I don't understand the controversy. If the kid has the highest GPA, then the kid had the highest GPA. No need to make an issue of this. Get over it.

Regarding the second issue, Morehouse has been listed several times by the Princeton Review as one of the most homophobic schools in the country. Keeping it real, historically black colleges have NOT done a great job addressing the issue of homophobia and taking care of the needs of its LGBT students. Also keeping it real, many gay and lesbian students at all black schools live an invisible life, so these schools could honestly live under the delusion that there is no need to address the issue.

This brings us back to the men of Morehouse. Last week several openly gay students held a candlelight vigil in honor of victims of homophobia. Kudos to these men for being true to themselves and showing the campus (fellow students and administration) that there is a need to address this problem. It is only by visibility that we can start a dialog about homophobia and hopefully come to some resolution.

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