Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Monday, May 26, 2008


Happy Pride to all of those that made it out to Washington, D.C. this weekend to partake in their annul Black Pride Celebration. I hope everyone had fun and played safe.

I just have to say I love Black Pride. Don't get it twisted, I love all gay pride festivals, but for people of African descent, Black Pride is just a bit more special. Our celebrations are different. Yeah - there are some similarities. But there are many differences. I love this quote from Rev. Irene Monroe as she discusses this years Black Pride in D.C.

Sunday gospel brunches, Saturday night poetry slams, Friday fashion shows, bid whist tournaments, house parties, soul food, Caribbean cuisine and beautiful displays of African art and clothing are just some of the cultural markers that make Black Pride distinct. 

Black Pride isn't held to exclude others. Black Pride is held to celebrate our uniqueness in a way that is fun and fulfilling to us. If you can appreciate the fabulousness that is Black and gay then please join us at the table. You're more than welcome.

I honestly don't know if non-Black people don't appreciate the difference or feel that they aren't welcome at Black Pride festivals. But I'm not here to dissect that one. I'm a Black gay man with a white partner (New Hampshire born and bred - so quite white) and he can hang with me no matter where we go. So I want to encourage all of those that have never celebrated Black Pride to do so this year.

There are many more Black Pride celebrations coming this summer. So if you didn't make it to D.C., please try to make it to one of the upcoming events.

To learn the dates of all upcome Black Pride celebrations, please visit this link:

To read the entire article by Rev. Irene Monroe about Black Pride, please visit this link:

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