Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Monday, May 26, 2008

Major Alan Rogers - You Inspire Me

Memorial Day is here again and for many of us we celebrate, not because of the sacrifices of our veterans but because we have a day off from work. For those that actually recognize the day for the significance it has, they still generally don't recognize the contributions from the gay and lesbian soldiers that have risked life and limb defending their country.

I want to take a moment to recognize one of those amazing soldiers - Major Alan Rogers. Major Rogers lost his life in Iraq by an IED (improvised explosive device). He used his body to shield two others from the explosion. Because of his sacrifice, two other soldiers are alive today. He was laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery on March 14 of this year.

Though it shouldn't be relevant, it is very important for me to say that Rogers was gay. This man who laid down his life couldn't even live an authentic life because he had to hide who he was in order to serve. But still for some reason, out gays and lesbians are denied the call of duty.

Major Alan Rogers - you inspire me. You are a role model for all of us. Know that there many of us that do thank you for what you've done defending the rights of us and our allies.

Also, thanks to all of those Stonewall Veterans - those that we have lost, those that have retired and ended their service, and those that are still active and doing their part for freedom.

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