Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Jodie Foster Out

Black celebrities aren't the only ones that have difficulty disclosing their sexual orientation. For years now, Jodie Foster has refused to discuss this side of her life despite the demands of many gay rights activist. That is until yesterday. At the Women in Entertainment Power 100 breakfast in Los Angeles, Foster publicly acknowledged and thanked "my beautiful Cydney" after winning an award. Though she never hid her partner, she has also never discussed their relationship with the public until now.

I'm sure there are still many wonderful things in store for this two time Oscar winner. I personally don't believe this will hurt her career at all.

But you know how I do - I have to follow up with a brain teaser. Do you think she could continue to be successful if she were a man? Do you think she could come out and still be successful if she were black?


Unknown said...

To simply put it let's just say her world would be very different than it is now. I hate to say but I doubt she would be a two time Oscar winner.

Now let's talk about Dirty Laundry being pulled from theaters. Say its not so J.

Jason Howard Green said...

Hey Donna,
No it was not pulled from theaters(it was pulled from a theater). At one of the New York theaters, and apparently is was the theater where the cast and producers appeared, the management figured that the high ratings were only because of their appearance and he thought the dollars would not continue to come in following the opening weekend. So, he pulled the movie. He didn't think it would continue to generate any revenue. YES - THAT WAS STUPID. I have a feeling it won't be in any theaters in Phoenix, even after wide release. We'll see.

D-rock said...

Congrats to Jodi Foster for coming out. Because she is a gay white woman, I don't believe this will hinder her career. Society seems to be more accepting of women to women relationships rather than men to men. (must be that straight male fantasy about girl/girl action)

bwesley said...

It's not always necessary to scream out the obvious on yourself or of others. Since she never hid her partner, I beleive she was not ashamed of who she was. We knew she was family and we should respect her decision of being a family member and not a family leader.

I beleive that she IS a family leader and gay rights activist in her on right.