Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Thursday, December 13, 2007

I Am Not Getting Married!

Rumors have surfaced stating that Queen Latifah will be holding a public wedding to exchange vows with longtime girlfriend Jeanette Jenkins. Latifah has responded by adamantly declaring that there are no plans whatsoever for a wedding (notice, she did not say there was no relationship - just that there will be no wedding). In several recent interviews Latifah has stated that she is done disclosing any details about her sexual life.

What do you think? If Latifah is a lesbian should she come out? Do you think she would suffer any repercusions if she did?
I could personally never hate on Latifah. I LOVE HER. I do believe she plays on my team but if she chooses not to share that with the world, that's her business.
She is a remarkable talent and she excels at everything she does - rapping, acting, modeling, launching a cosmetics line, singing jazz and oh by the way did you know she is the producer on the soon to hit theaters blackbuster hit The Perfect Holiday. She really does have the Midas touch and she deserves all the accolades she receives.
With that being said, I believe she is THE black celebrity that can come out and stay on top of the game. Her appeal is so universal that I don't think sexual prefence could harm her image. I would love to see the headline when (or if) she decides to let it be known, but if that should never happen, she will still remain one of my all time favorites.
Now tell me, what you think. Should we be putting pressure on her to come out? Does Latifah owe it to us to share this information? People have been outing her for years. Do other people have the right to put her business out there like that - is that okay? Give me your feedback.


D-rock said...

I think it would a wonderful thing for the black gay community if she did come out of the closet. I agree this is a personal decision we each have to make but there is power in numbers. The more people of color we have kicking down that closet door, the more progress we will make. All it takes is a tiny crack in the wall to bring down the entire dam.

bwesley said...

Queen Latifah will reign supreme regardless of who she shares her bed with. By her coming out will strengthen the community, help to break down barriers and stereotypes. Just know the family is waiting to welcome you home.

Jason Howard Green said...

Well said Wesley. I loved the "family is waiting to welcome you" line.