Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Monday, December 10, 2007

Congrats to Dirty Laundry!

The long awaited (for me anyway) Dirty Laundry finally hit theaters in L.A. and New York on Friday and the kids came out and showed a tremendous amount of support. According to Keith Boykin, the movie trampled almost all others in per screen viewings over the weekend, beating out The Golden Compass, American Ganster, and Bee Movie.
I was hoping the premiere weekend of this movie would be a successful one, proving that a movie starring someone that is gay and black can draw a sizeable audience. Movies starring African-American LGBT characters are few and far between. We're seldom in the in the supporting role hardly ever do we take the lead. If we would like to see more movies like this, then we need to show up and support when opportunities like this present themselves.
Kudos to all those that have worked hard to make this movie a success: Maurice Jamal, Rockman Dunbar, Nathan Hale Williams, Keith Boykin, Loretta Divine - all ya'll. I'm so looking forward to this movie coming to Phoenix. Trust, I'm dragging everyone I know to see it.
Hopefully the success of Dirty Laundry will open doors for more movies starring black lesbian and gay characters. Maybe their success will mean that B-Boy Blues and Noah's Arc won't have any difficulty getting distribution.
But I do have a question, who has been your favorite black lgbt person on film (big screen or small screen, starring or supporting role)?

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Jason Howard Green said...

To answer my own question, my favorite black gay character thus far easily has been Carter from Spin City, played by the sexy Michael Boatman. My love for that show was specifically because of him - probably because Carter was so like me.