Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Celebrate Black Queer Voices: Feb 9 - Stephen Amos "Batty Man"

I think Stephen Amos is brilliant.  In his documentary Batty Man, Amos comes out, challenges homophobia in urban culture and dance hall music, and even travels to Jamaica to confront a very famous, influential reggae artist on hos his music harms people.  I love how he refuses to stand down as he forces people to address their biases.  He does it magnificently.

I would eventually see many other documentaries that tackled homophobia in countries of predominately black people (i.e. God Loves Uganda and Call Me Kuchu), but Batty Man was the first one I saw that approached this topic.

So this month, as  I celebrate the voices of black queer folks in documentaries and biopics, this title had to be included on the list.  Stephen is one voice trying to change the world.

I was surprised when I found that the film is currently available to view on YouTube.  Please get into it below:

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