Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Celebrate Black Queer Stories: Feb 3 - Janet Mock


As we continue to navigate Black History month, and focus on black queer voices in documentaries and biopics, I think I want to add interviews to the list of things we celebrate.  I think there are some interviews that just become magical because they symbolize something epic or they capture a special moment in time.  I am thinking of monumental moments like Jason Collins interview with Oprah when he became the first basketball player to publicly come out while still active in the NBA.  Another pivotal interview for me was when Janet Mock sat down with the Breakfast Club to chat.

First thing I want to do is thank Janet for being the phenomenal voice for the trans people of color community.  Let's be real, if his woman wanted to live her life in stealth, not even coming out as trans, she could. Look at her face.  Look at that body.  She could never be clocked.  You would not know this was a trans identified individual if she did not tell you.  

I think Janet is much more transparent about his history, about her transition, about her life - than most trans people are.  I think that's wonderful.  And I am not knocking people who don't live their lives like an open book.  Boundaries are important and sometimes very necessary, especially when one wants to stay focused on issues affecting the trans community.  When one becomes as open as Janet, an interviewer may to stay focused on trivial details about a trans person life and this could spoil a terrific opportunity to address big picture issues like trans violence, lack of access to resources and social stigma.  But Janet is clearly a master in being willing to discuss her life openly and still bring awareness to trans issues by always bringing the topic back to things that are important.  She is simply brilliant.

This interview with the Breakfast Club is one of my favorites by her.  Get into it below:

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